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The ultimate secret for enhancing facial beauty is not as confidential as it once was—and it is growing more popular by the year.

Of course, the secret beautification technique we are talking about is eyelash extensions. Giving the proper amount of care to your eyelashes can add alluring volume to even the sparsest of natural lashes, and in turn, can transform the look of your entire face.

For the best eyelash extensions in Bohemia, NY, and throughout Long Island, there is no better team than Defined Beaudee. Our world-class team of New York licensed estheticians will be sure to provide you with everything you could ever want from a lash extension service while preserving the extended health of your natural eyelashes.

Our services will have you feeling confident in your look on your terms. With several extension packages available and various other eyelash services, Defined Beaudee has options for numerous styles at a range of price points.

Our Eyelash Extension Packages

Though eyelash extension might seem like a straightforward process to newcomers, many personal decisions are required to make the service just right for you. In other words, eyelash extensions are not ‘one service fits all’ operations—and Defined Beaudee’s estheticians work hard to customize every service to every customer.

Rather than applying one eyelash extension package to every client, we will consult with you before your appointment to better understand what you want from our service and make a recommendation based on your preferences. It’s just one of the many reasons Defined Beaudee has become the top choice for eyelash extensions in Bohemia, NY.

Eyelash extensions come in various lengths, shapes, and styles that accommodate a range of personal preferences. At Defined Beaudee, we offer four distinct packages at different price points to address those varying design options.

Natural Set

This eyelash extension option from Defined Beaudee is the perfect package for first-time clients or those who want to add a subtle level of volume to their lashes.

The natural set applies an extension to every other eyelash, meaning the results will be less pronounced than a more frequent extension set but will still add more definition to your lashes in a way that appears natural.

Our estheticians recommend this set for people prioritizing subtle volume in their cosmetics. This lash boost is ideal for those who have not previously used eyelash extensions and who wish to see their effects on a small scale.

Classic Set

Our classic eyelash extension set is the most popular lash service we provide at Defined Beaudee. These classic eyelash extensions are applied to each natural lash to give a fully defined look that manages to appear both natural and show-stopping.

We recommend the classic set for people seeking more added volume than the natural extension option provides while maintaining a simple aesthetic.

Hybrid Set

At Defined Beaudee, we offer our clients two separate styles of lashes within our packages, classic and volume eyelashes. The classic lashes add substantial extension and subtle color, while volume lashes add solid definition to your eyelashes.

The hybrid set of eyelashes combines both the classic and volume styles to create a staggered and dramatic appearance for your natural lashes. We recommend this set for clients who wish to add attention-grabbing definition to their eyelashes.

Volume Set

Our estheticians recommend selecting the volume set for voluminous eyelash extensions that yield the most dramatic and eye-catching results. This set will help you achieve a defined, outstanding lash line that will last for weeks.

The volume set is also an excellent option for clients with sparse or undefined natural lashes, as the additional volume added in this package can help restore the appearance of a complete, natural-looking lash line.

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Lash Lifting and Tinting Bohemia, NY

At Defined Beaudee, we take pride in providing quality eyelash extensions to Bohemia, NY, residents. Yet, extensions are just one aspect of the lash and skin care services we provide at our studio.

We know that eyelashes can be some of the most stubborn, difficult-to-control facial features. Sometimes we wish our lashes were longer and more voluminous, but our lashes refuse to cooperate.

Over time, our natural lashes can become unmanageable without the help of a skilled professional stylist. They lose some of their natural curl, start shortening their length, and can even begin to droop.

But our estheticians offer lash lifting and tinting services which can help restore lift and curl to your eyelashes that can last for up to two months, depending on your lashes’ natural growth cycle.

Lash Tinting

Lash and brow tinting from Defined Beaudee can be a fantastic way to add definition and enhance the appearance of volume to the applied areas.
Our tinting will enhance the volume of your natural eyelashes less dramatically than extensions. Still, it can provide some definition to your lashes and eyebrows by darkening them with a semipermanent dye.

Tinting can be a practical alternative for people who wish to make their eyelashes appear more voluminous without the help of an extension.

Lash Lifting

Think about eyelash lifting like a tiny, gentle perm for your lashes rather than your hair.

With a lash lifting service from Defined Beaudee, our estheticians will apply a solution around the area that will make your stubborn lashes easier to manage. Once the solution takes effect, it will lift the individual lashes and slightly curl them for a natural pop that can last for months.

Both lifting and tinting for your lashes and brows can be booked as individual services or used together. When combined, lifted-and-tinted eyelashes can be an adequate substitute for extensions—bringing nearly identical benefits.

Additional Skin Care Services

Eyelash extensions can help you look and feel like your best self, and our team at Defined Beaudee is always ready to deliver you the lash results you deserve—but we’re here for more than eyelash services as well.

Your skin deserves as much attention as your eyelashes do. So, after you’ve finished your lash extensions, why not indulge in a facial treatment as well? Each of our facials includes a massage, mask treatment, exfoliation, cleansing, and even more to have your skin radiating a youthful and healthy glow.

All of our facial treatment options are made primarily from fruits packed with natural vitamins and healing properties. Some of the most popular of our seven facial options are raspberry-peach and lemon-zest. The raspberry-peach facial comes with antioxidants with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits, and our lemon-zest facial comes with brightening benefits that can restore a youthful glow to your skin.

You can discover even more relaxation and wellness benefits when you choose Defined Beaudee to help bring professional skin care into your life today.

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Policies and Safety Protocols

Whether you choose lifting, tinting, or the best eyelash extensions in Bohemia, NY, from Defined Beaudee, our estheticians are committed to bringing you world-class results. Our services effectively add volume and definition to your eyelashes. Nevertheless, we also understand that the process might be concerning for some people.

Your eyes are as important as they are sensitive, which is why we will always go the extra mile to ensure your safety and sanitation when you schedule an appointment. We use single-use extensions and supplies exclusively and are sure to disinfect all our tools and workstations frequently with EPA-regulated disinfectants.

Rest assured that no matter which of the quality estheticians you visit at our studio, all are professionally trained and certified in the state of New York. Each of our team members will keep their work area clean, keep your appointment safe and hazard-free, and deliver you premier enhancement for your lashes.

For customers who are unsure of what they want from their appointment, we ask that you arrive early to fill out a brief consultation form so we may best deliver a service that fulfills your needs.

Premier Eyelash Extensions from Defined Beaudee

Eyelash extensions have become a popular beauty trend in recent years, one that we believe is here to stay. High-quality lash extensions can enhance the appearance of your eyes by adding layers of alluring volume to the eyelashes, and there is no better team for premier eyelash extensions in Bohemia, NY, than the one at Defined Beaudee.

Our extensions and lash treatments can help you achieve the voluminous eyelashes of your dreams in a matter of moments, with results that can last for months. Every member of our team of estheticians is licensed and certified to bring you the best results in a clean work environment that you can trust. So, whether you are looking for eyelash extensions, lash tinting and lifting, or you want to boost the health and radiance of your skin, leave it to us.

Visit Defined Beaudee in Sayville, NY, on 186 West Main Street in Suite 7. To schedule an appointment or learn more about our services, call today at (631) 248-1644.

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Bohemia is a hamlet in Suffolk County, New York, United States. The population was 10,180 at the 2010 census. It is situated along the South Shore of Long Island in the Town of Islip, approximately 50 miles from New York City. Wikipedia